Prosur obtains the Carbon Footprint compensation certificate

Prosur once again confirms its commitment to sustainability by obtaining the certificate to offset 2.77% of its carbon footprint.

Carbon emissions compensation is the neutralization of the CO2 emissions that any company emits into the atmosphere with its activity.

Obtaining the carbon footprint offset certificate is granted only to those entities that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and that implement CO2 absorption projects to offset their carbon footprint.

In this sense, Prosur has taken another step by obtaining the compensation certificate for the first time.

Among Prosur’s strategic pillars there are very specific initiatives to obtain a positive environmental impact:

  1. The installation of solar panels.
  2. The reforestation and restoration of the lands of the Fajardo mountain and the surroundings of El Espalmador into a biodiverse forest, with the introduction of climatic species and companions of this habitat, which attempts to reproduce the original forest existing before the activity human.

Prosur continues to focus on energy efficiency and care for the environment, and this is proof that reflects its firm long-term commitment to sustainability.