Our drive is to transform the food chain in a way that is fair and healthy for all: the people, the planet & the industry. Since 1965, we at Prosur consistently work on the development of pioneering natural food ingredient solutions. Get it Natural for a better tomorrow!


Plants have everything to protect our food from pathogens and spoilage bacteria. We decode nature’s secrets & unleash its power to design courageous game-changing food ingredient solutions. Food preservation as nature intended.


Today's consumers are hungry for foods that have a positive impact on their daily lives. Natural, healthy, sustainable. We work with the food industry to create unique products that evoke greatness and meet expectations beyond taste and nutrition.


At the Prosur Research Center we synergize the brightest minds in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, applied chemistry, microbiology, food technology, biology, biomedicine, big data engineering & advanced computer science to develop our natural ingredient innovations for the 21st century.

We understand the challenges of today’s market and help redefine the paradigms of foodproduction. We are decoding nature.

Juan de Dios Hernández Cánovas, CEO