Prosur sales network map

Global Expansion

Prosur opens two new offices in Chicago and Mexico DF to strengthen its relationship with the North American and LATAM markets. Some of the most important markets are in these regions. It was critical for Prosur that we were able to meet customers where they live to give the right tailored approach most effectively.

Start of the Prosur Chair of Food Biotechnology at UM

Prosur creates and finances the new department of Applied Food Biotechnology at the University of Murcia, combining Applied Chemistry, Food Technology, Big Data Engineering & Advanced Computer Science.

New Production Facilities

Pushed by its significant international growth, Prosur expands its Headquarters in Murcia, Spain to multiply our production lines and packaging capacity. Prosur’s nonstop effort to invest in innovative solutions translates into a bigger new high-tech research center and food applications pilot plant, as well as a teaching aula. The project also includes new offices for our dedicated customer service team. Over the last decades, innovation has been the hallmark of Prosur, and this expansion reflects a business model and culture of shared ideas and technology.

Get it Natural

Prosur realized early that people are looking for healthier foods with fewer ingredients that are natural and truthful and launched its first generation of natural solutions for clear labels under the moniker GET IT NATURAL and enters the international markets.

A push into the future

A push into the Future

In 2020, we took another major step towards the future by attracting fresh investments from private equity group MCH. The investment will be used to continue the expansion of our global activities and the digitalization of our company. CEO Juan de Dios Hernández holds 75% of the company shares and will keep leading our business towards new scientific frontiers as an independent family food technology business that consistently focuses on real innovation.

AI Research Unit

We produce solutions based on the strength of nature. In our product development we always trust on facts and data. Therefore, it was clear to us to rely on artificial intelligence. Besides deep-learning algorithms, pattern recognition, data mining, parallel processing or spectral analysis we use this cutting-edge technology also to analyze the trends of tomorrow.

Research Collaboration with Food Research Institute

This collaborative research project with the Food Research Institute, in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is pinned in our policy to offer science-based solutions. The research projects on microbial foodborne pathogens and toxins are the scientific backbone of our product ranges to enhance the safety of the food supply.

Juan de Dios Hernández

The Birth of Prosur

Juan de Dios Hernández becomes CEO and converts the company’s attention to ground-breaking nutritional and ingredient solutions for food industries.

The Early Days

Ginés Hernández founds Productos Sur, S.A. as a blender of seasonings for the Spanish meat industry.