"Get it Natural" in Frankfurt - This was IFFA 2022

After a refreshing weekend with the family, we’ve had some time to look back at IFFA and reflect on what was an enthralling week.

From May 14 to 19, all eyes of the international meat industry were on Frankfurt am Main.

860 exhibitors from 44 nations presented the latest innovations for the industry at IFFA, the leading international trade fair for technology for meat and alternative proteins.

And there was much to discover for the 50,000 visitors from 129 countries. Sustainable & natural production, automated processes and digitization in all areas of processing, packaging and sales characterized the range of products at the booths.

Natural solutions, plant-based innovations, clear messages

Meeting at IFFA 2022

Most delegates were attracted to our in-house designed booth to find out more around our natural solutions to eliminate unwanted additives in meat processing as a result of a tangible increase in clear label focus.

“Keep the Color. Lose the Nitrites”. Clear messaging of our prima donna technology.

Nitrite is the most common preservative in meat products but has been under scrutiny since the 2015 WHO statement that classified processed meats as carcinogenic. Formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines (e.g., N-nitrosodimethylamine – NDMA) in processed meat through a reaction of nitrites and secondary amines is of safety concern. Therefore, the EU is currently revising the provisions for the use of nitrites and nitrates as food additives in the EU legislation.

In this context, it was of no surprise that both processors and retailers alike were attracted by our “Keep the Color. Lose the Nitrites” message.

The technology itself was the star, but interest was also drawn by our new methodology to distinguish real uncured meat products from meat products that are based on nitrosylation (independent of the origin of the nitrite source).

In the end, consumers want less unhealthy, guilty-free food that truly delivers on its claim “Not Preserved With Nitrites”.

With raising meat and poultry prices, yield and quality improvement also are coming back as points of interest. How can we provide for better tasting, juicy products and compete in price and quality in a space that is becoming more and more cost-oriented?

“Keep the Juice. Lose the Phosphates” attracted customers that wanted a premium product that is affordable but convinces consumers on taste and succulence.

Finally, this 2022 edition, IFFA also really opened up to alternative proteins, showcasing the rapid growth of meat alternatives under the header ‘Technology for Meat and Alternative Proteins’.

With our involvement in the alternative protein trend, IFFA gave us also the chance to promote our ready-to-use, clear label plant meat blend with Nutriscore A during our session at the “IFFA Forum” powered by ProVeg and the daily “Discovery Tours” led by The Good Food Institute Europe. With an unrivaled ease of use, great texture and short and clean ingredients deck, POKEL VEGAN was one of the stars of the show.

IFFA Forum

IFFA 2022. It was a blast

Six days of hard work with many meetings, presentations and live shows, – it was worth it. We were thrilled to meet many new faces and reconnect with old friends. Finally, we were able to turn 2D e-meets into real people and discuss the clear label trends with the key players in the industry to create a better future together.

And this was just the start for us, more trade shows in USA and Mexico will follow this year. Hopefully, we will see you there again.

Thanks to you, our customers; Thanks to IFFA, Messe Frankfurt, The Good Food Institute Europe & ProVeg; Thanks to the Prosur sales team for your efforts and passion as we lived our Get It Natural vision.

But let’s not forget the great job of our marketing team and everybody behind the scenes that delivered an astonishing booth that really outlined what we stand for with a modern, captivating design that allowed for an all-compassing customer experience.

Massive thanks to all of you!

Prosur Team at IFFA 2022