A Push into the Future

The private equity group MCH, led by Jaime Hernández Soto and José María Muñoz has acquired 25% of the company. Its CEO Juan de Dios Hernández owns 75% of the shares and full autonomic chief executive power.

In 2020, when ownership succession from the first to the second generation was planned, Elena Hernández decided to step out of the business to focus on new life challenges.

Under the leadership of Juan de Dios, Prosur has grown into global player in the life science ingredients market that promotes a different way to look at foods.

This transition has been led by a dedicated team of professionals of Deloitte. To facilitate the transition and to continue our road to becoming the global reference for natural plant-based food ingredients, new investments has been attracted.

“Even as the world has experienced unprecedented disruption and rapid change, our team have accomplished a complete and seamless ownership transition, while dealing successfully with the challenges that the pandemic threw at us”, Juan de Dios commented.

The investment by MCH is a logical decision and brings a lot of synergies that will strengthen de competitive position of Prosur in the national and global market. We share the same hands-on approach and entrepreneurial DNA. Together we will bring our revolutionary ingredients to more areas of the food industry so we can promote consumer access to healthier & truthful natural foods.