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Prosur receives support for the development of early warning technology for microbiological alterations based on electronic nos

The Regional Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment of the Region of Murcia has granted Prosur an aid to research a “NEW EARLY ALERT TECHNOLOGY OF MICROBIOLOGICAL ALTERATIONS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF FOOD SAFETY BASED ON ELECTRONIC NOSE” in cooperation with the Group of investigation of Biotechnology of Food of the University of Murcia (hereinafter BTA), collaborating both in the design of the project and in its execution.

The total amount of the aid amounts to € 120,000. € 84,000 in the form of a loan and € 36,000 in grants.

This aid is part of the European Regional Development Fund and is included in the Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization of the Region of Murcia (RIS3MUR), aimed at boosting public-private cooperation and technology transfer.

The objective of this project is to investigate the electronic nose modeling of microbial growth in sauces to obtain a novel technology of early determination of microbiological alterations that allows to improve food safety and quickly evaluate new natural formulations to extend its useful life.

The project is expected to represent a breakthrough in the business of food security, framed in one of the priority activities defined in RIS3MUR as the Agro-Food Chain.
One of the main demands of manufacturers in the agri-food industry is to have a simple and fast method for the detection of microorganisms in foods that allow them to launch the products to the market with greater speed and safety. This justifies the need to continue investigating new strategies for early detection of microbial alterations in food.

The present project aims to analyze if one of the most promising technologies in the food sector, such as the electronic nose based mass, it is possible to identify the presence and concentration of microorganisms of interest in sauces.

On the one hand, Prosur will contribute its experience in the agro-food sector, specifically in the design and development of natural ingredients to extend the useful life of food by providing solutions to companies in the agri-food sector to increase food security and obtain products with a clean label. For this, Prosur uses the latest technologies of the sector, such as the electronic nose. On the other hand, BTA will contribute its knowledge in the scope of the project and its experience in the investigation on isolation and identification of microorganisms in altered alimentary matrices. Their great experience in the use of these leading technologies is key to achieving the objective of this project.