Looking for the improvement of the quality of its products, Prosur carries out a firm commitment to R+D+I in order to optimize the processes of production and development of innovative products.

We believe that innovation is one of the most important ways which will help us to be a leader company in the industry.

Thanks to the effort that we have been making on innovation and research, Prosur has been awarded with the Innovative SME Seal. This recognition is provided by the General Management of Innovation and Competitiveness belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Besides of being an official recognition of the R+D+I activity of Prosur, this award is     also an incentive to continue the development of the already said activity and the fulfillment our corporate mission.

The creation of this record and seal was born in the European sphere, supported by the idea that those companies with a more innovative character are more likely to last in time, becoming also more competitive and a stable source of job creation.