Four companies in the region of Murcia (AMC Innova Juice and Drinks, Desserts and Sweets Reina, FAROLIVA and Prosur) and two research centers (National Technology Center for Canning and Food and University of Alcala de Henares) participate in this Project.

This project is proposed with the main objective to evaluate the possibility of use sub-products of the food industry (in this case, stones of peach, nectarine and olive) generated in large quantities by the agri-food industry, such as sustainable sources of bioactive peptides to incorporate to the manufacture of new functional foods.

Functional foods contribute to consumers the nutrients needed to meet their physiological needs and contain substances that can have a positive impact on your health .

The project, called “PEPTIFUNCTIONAL: Development of new functional foods based on the incorporation of bioactive peptides extracted from sub-products of the food industry: recovery of stones of fruit and olives” has been subsidized by the CDTI, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the FEDER Interconecta program of the call 2015, and file number ITC-20151193.