Food in food

VICA-10 is an apple cider vinegar that is rounded with carob juice. With VICA-10 you protect food with food without compromising the flavor profile of your products.

VICA-10 is a foodstuff with preservative capacities. It is a natural source of acetic acid that can be used to protect foods against food-borne pathogens and spoilage bacteria by acting directly on their cell membranes, avoiding their proliferation.

By using local and traditional crops, VICA-10 fits perfectly in the Farm to Fork strategy to transform the food chain in a way that is fair and healthy for both people and planet, highlighting consumers’ increasing demand for less processed products that are produced in a sustainable way.


Key highlights

Ingredient Mix that extends shelf-life naturally:

  • Protects against microbial deterioration
  • Retains color
  • Avoids browning
  • Avoids formation of gases in the packaging
  • Avoids syneresis in the packaging
  • No chemical buffers or additives are used
  • GMO-free, Allergen-free
  • Organic certification possible
  • Harmonious organoleptic profile
  • Does not change the natural properties of meat
  • Consumer-friendly labelling
  • Low-sodium

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