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Prosur receives recognition from the UMU and the COIE for promoting the employability of university students

Prosur reconocimiento COIE

The University of Murcia (UMU), through the Employment Guidance and Information Center (COIE), organized on Wednesday the “Act of recognition for Companies 2019” in the auditorium of the University Social Center.

Prosur was one of the winners among twelve other companies in the Region for being one of those that cooperate more actively with the UMU in various actions such as student practices, job placement of graduates, collaboration in talks, breakfasts and opinion reports; all with the common objective of bringing the productive and business fabric closer to the university.

From Prosur we want to congratulate the rest of the companies and thank this recognition that encourages us to continue working closely with the UMU to favor the expansion of new students to the labor market.

Source: University of Murcia.