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Prosur pioneer calculate and register its Corporate Carbon Footprint


Prosur pioneer calculate and register its Corporate Carbon Footprint

Prosur’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy incorporates social and environmental concerns, developing a real and verifiable commitment with social cohesion, respect for the environment, ethics and transparency.

Prosur is aware that climate change is currently one of the most important concerns globally, and that concern about climate change has been climate which has motivated the company to quantify its CO2 emissions, in other words, calculate its Carbon Footprint.
The Carbon Footprint is an eco-label used for describe the calculation of emissions of all greenhouse emissions associated to organizations, events or activities, or the life cycle of a product, to determine their contribution to climate change, and it expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent.

Prosur has calculated and recorded its Corporate Carbon Footprint in the Register Carbon Footprint of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain, according to the requirements established by the Ministry with Ranges 1 and 2. Once again, Prosur want to be a pioneer and we have calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint including “Range 3”. Range 3 calculations take the following emissions into consideration: emissions from transport of raw materials and emissions from transport of the finished products to the customer.

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