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Prosur expands its facilities to 14.000 m2


Prosur expands its facilities to 14 000 m2

Prosur is a traditional food additive company that has adapted to the demands of today’s global market and its need of natural products with a clean label. We work every day to continue to meet and exceed all quality standards. Driven by our significant growth in the international market, Prosur’s will start the expansion of its facilities of natural solutions for food products begin this May. The new facility will triple our production capacity and will include a new laboratory and pilot plant for R&D and quality assurance, as well as new offices to improve our customer service.

Up to now, Prosur’s facilities consisted of 3000 m2, which will now be extended to 14 000 m2. Prosur acquired three neighboring facilities to expand its industrial complex, allowing us to increase our production capacity to meet the global demand for our products .

Our investment in these facilities underscores our commitment to providing the highest quality services to customers across the globe. We acknowledge our focus on the creation of new groundbreaking natural food solutions by improving our research center for biotechnology. The new facilities will incorporate the latest in technology and design to ensure the generation of added value to our products, the optimization of our production possibilities, and the improvement of our customer service .

With the expansion of the manufacturing site and the warehouse capacity, this project will also support the local community by creating sustainable jobs.

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