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IFS & BRC certificate


Prosur obtained the Grade B certificate issued by BRC (British Retail Consortium), a global standard required by large retailers which internationally recognized by consumers. Achieving this standard of quality reflects the joint effort of the whole company, and shows that Prosur remains committed to quality and continuous improvement. With the new certificate we strengthen the relationship with our existing customers and aim at new global markets .

BRC is one of the most internationally widespread models for distributors and supermarkets to evaluate their suppliers. The BRC standard was born to meet an explicit demand by the British mass retail industry to audit the production methods and hygiene criteria of its suppliers in the context of their shared principles. The certificate is popular in the markets of the Commonwealth, as well as in Asian markets.

In addition, Prosur achieved the ‘Higher Level’ certificate issued by IFS (International Food Standard), one of the most important standards of food safety in Europe. Our evolution to Higher Level reflects again the company’s commitment to excellence in the development of its products.

The Federal Association of the German Trade Association (BDH) and the Trade and Distribution Federation (FDC) created the IFS certificate in order to create a common reference for food safety. Other European countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy also fall back on this norm .

In addition to ensuring the consumer’s food safety, the demanding IFS standard, controls the quality of the production facilities and processes. IFS certified companies show a high level of professionalism .

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