Our purpose

At Prosur, our drive is to transform the food chain in a way that is fair and healthy for all. The people, the planet & the industry.

Today’s food choices go beyond taste & nutrition. We want to give consumer healthier foods with fewer ingredients. Foods that are natural & truthful.

Products that are made from sustainably produced raw materials and whose industrial processing is as simple and minimal as possible.

Our people

Prosur brings many years of experience in food processing, preservation and food safety, and biochemistry.

At the Prosur Research Center, our great team of interdisciplinary scientists develops our game-changing solutions in-house.

Our experienced technical sales team translate our “Get it Natural” vision to the field and are at service of our customers to help develop modern future-proof foods around the world.

Meet the team

Our History

Since 1965, Prosur has created a powerful balance between experience, expertise, and innovation. Our food scientists combine the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the power of nature, and our know-how in biotechnology to develop natural plant-based ingredient solutions that help you create safe and flavorful foods.