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How we do

Research & Development

We create solutions for every problem

We can count on a team of devoted, highly qualified food scientists, the latest technologies, efficient project management and new approaches. We continually invest in new technologies, training, development and research to tackle the modern challenges the food industry is facing.

In collaboration with globally leading universities and research centers, They continuously look for new ingredients, natural solutions and manufacturing processes that combine production efficiency, product quality, clean label technology and food safety.


Our R&D department has a vast expertise in raw materials, food-safety and anti-oxidation management in food systems.

Natural Products

Our natural solutions extend the shelf life of your products without the use of chemical additives.

Sales Network

Prosur markets its products worldwide through our extensive sales network spread out over all continents.

Prosur Research center (PRC)

The mission of the Prosur Research Center (PRC) is to bring state-of-the-art food technology to our customers.
The PRC is engaged in:

  • Product development
  • Research of ingredient functionality and product specifications
  • Accelerated shelf life studies
  • Quality Assurance
  • R&D Projects

Quality assurance

Food safety, Nº1 priority

Our custom-made service is there for those who have specific production needs.
Prosur has the solution for all your production needs, from food safety to product quality.
And if we don’t have the solution yet, we’ll create it for you.

Incoming goods

  • Digital fingerprint” of 100 % of raw material
    using Near-Infrared Spectrometry
  • Contaminants & Cross contamination
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Water activity


  • Supplier evaluation + audits
  • Fingerprint 100 % raw material by NIR
  • Calibration of all production processes
  • Fingerprint 100 % produced batches against all previous batches by NIR

Food defense

Food defense plan to reduce the risk of adulteration or deliberate contamination of the products sold by the company.

Outcoming goods

  • Digital fingerprint” of 100 % of raw material
    using Near-Infrared Spectrometry
  • Contaminants & Cross contamination
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Water activity

100% Traceability

We have a rigorous traceability system, integrated in our ERP software (Microsoft Navision), to guarantee the origin, process and destination of all our products.

Modern equipment

  • HPLC-MS (Liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry)
  • GC-MS (Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry)
  • NIRS (Near – infrared spectroscopy)
  • PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)
  • Microencapsulation

Our certifications

What can we say about it

All our production and management processes are certified by BRC to assure that our products meet the most strict international food safety standard.
We comply with all the HACCP-protocols of the Codex Alimentarius.
Both standards show Prosur’s commitment to meet very strict food safety requirements:

  • An efficient quality assurance system.
  • HACCP management.
  • Product/process management.
  • Workplace management.
  • Compliance with good practice in food processing.
  • Impeccable hygiene conditions on the production site.
  • Compliance with all EU food regulations.
  • Continuous staff training.
BRC Food Certificated

The BRC standard was born to meet an explicit demand by the British mass retail industry to audit the production methods and hygiene criteria of its suppliers in the context of their shared principles. The BRC enables us to supply British retailers and also facilitates its access to Commonwealth and Asian markets.

Kosher certification Kosher by the Orthodox Union

Prosur developed a kosher line of which all products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, a kosher-certification agency internationally known for its high standards. Our kosher products carry the OU certification symbol.

Pilot plant

Research & Development

Our scientific team performs in vitro studies and has a pilot plant where they verify their results in real life products and organize seminars for customers and distributors.

The pilot plant is equipped with the necessary machinery to emulate any kind of productions process:

  • Grinder
  • Vacuum mixer
  • Vacuum tumbler
  • HP injector
  • LP injector
  • Smoking house
  • Oven
  • Cutter
  • Macerator
  • And more…