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Prosur publishes an article on phosphate-free deli-meats in Fleischwirtschaft International

Paper deli-meats without phosphates

Prosur has published an extensive and detailed research article in the last issue of the German magazine Fleischwirtschaft in its International edition.

Fleischwirtschaft is a leading magazine in the meat processing sector and covers everything from production to marketing, including issues such as preservation, packaging, storage and quality management.


The article, written by Juan De Dios Hernández (CEO of Prosur) and Isidro Guillén López (R&D Prosur Manager), deals with deli-meats without phosphates. And it shows through rigorous studies and analysis that it is possible to create savory deli-meats with a higher yield without using phosphates, binders or fibers.

Here you can read the full article. It can also be read in the full digital version of the magazine. This same article will also be published in the next issue of Fleischwirtschaft in its Chinese edition.

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